Intuitive.. Discover your choice!

What is the best way of discovering the right name?

When someone comes up to you and says it, or you just hear it somewhere. A little bulb goes off in your head, a little bird starts singing, something in your heart just says, “yes”!

You respond to the name first, intuitively, and then you consider your response to arrive at a decision about it.

Names are about feelings, not thoughts..

When we read a page or screen full of names, we either think too much about each name, or zone out from all the scrolling and similar spelling. It’s a whole thought process – which can be exhausting, dull and ultimately counterproductive.

The Baby Names Audiobook works for you..

It taps into your intuition – your ‘gut feeling’, as they say. Not only do you get many great names from which to make your choice, you get the opportunity to discover your choice.

The right name will just jump out at you!

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Finding the right name for your baby is not a matter of research and thoughtful opinion. The Baby Names audiobook gives you a wealth of choices and unique flexibility, but more than that: it gives you the chance to really connect with the right name.

How the Baby Names Audiobook Works For You:

  • The audio perspective of this audiobook will allow you to listen and respond to each distinct name. Instead of thinking about the spelling of a name and saying it out loud, you have the opportunity to consider how you feel about each name as it’s spoken.
  • The names are organized to optimize your chances of connecting with a name: since they are not classified by alphabet or syllable, every name pops out, and you can be open to each new name as it comes.
  • The pause after each name gives you a quick moment to consider how each name makes you feel, before moving on to the next.

Your baby’s name is part of your dream for your baby, and finding the right name should share the magic of that dream.


Read about the unique audio pespective that is only available on this audiobook.

Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


Hearing brings a
new perspective!


The top 2000
modern baby names!


Save time, no
spelling duplicates!


Listen anywhere,
multi-task or relax!


The perfect name
will just pop!


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Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


Reading baby name books was so slow and boring! 'Listening' in the car on the drive to work was awesome! Thanks!
Michael Y (US)

To Summarize

It's not just easier than reading.. It's a NEW, enjoyable & intuitive system to discover the perfect name! Stop 'looking' for it, you will know it when you 'hear' it!

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