The Convenience of Audiobooks

Choosing a name for your baby should be fun, not stressful!

The Baby Names audiobook is geared to making your name search easier and more enjoyable. The flexibility and convenience of its use make it unique among all formats and methods of name-searching.

The Baby Names audiobook offers all the convenience of great audiobooks:

  • You can listen to it anywhere. You don’t have to sit in a chair or be tied to your computer in order to find the right name.
  • You can multitask! Listen to the recording while cooking dinner, taking a walk or driving your car.
  • It is available in multiple formats. You can load the audiobook onto any mp3 device, or purchase the CD and pop it into a disc player.

Wherever you are, the perfect name will come to you!

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Unique Features of the Baby Names Audiobook

The Baby Names audiobook can be the perfect supplement or the ideal antidote to name books and websites. It has several unique features which are guaranteed to pep up and simplify your search for the perfect name.

  • It is enjoyable and relaxing. The names are read in a pleasant and clear voice, with an upbeat and unobtrusive soundtrack.
  • You can listen to it with other people. Baby names can be a subject of much conversation and debate among spouses, friends and family members. But since the process of narrowing down names is usually dull, most of us do it alone and later ask other people’s opinions. This audiobook offers a unique way of finding a name: together! Imagine the magic of your partner and you instantly liking the same name, and the fun of discussing and debating different names together.
  • You can listen to it again! While baby books and websites are both data-heavy and dry, this audiobook is easy to listen to again. Its chapters and format are easy to navigate, pause and come back to – without missing a beat.
  • You can spell your chosen name in any way you like! Since you are choosing by sound, you have complete freedom and flexibility in how to spell the name(s) of your choice.


Why this audiobook is more intuitive than the alternatives.

Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


Hearing brings a
new perspective!


The top 2000
modern baby names!


Save time, no
spelling duplicates!


Listen anywhere,
multi-task or relax!


The perfect name
will just pop!


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Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


Reading baby name books was so slow and boring! 'Listening' in the car on the drive to work was awesome! Thanks!
Michael Y (US)

To Summarize

It's not just easier than reading.. It's a NEW, enjoyable & intuitive system to discover the perfect name! Stop 'looking' for it, you will know it when you 'hear' it!

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  • The top 2000 names spoken!
  • Full mp3 audiobook album!
  • 19 tracks, 65 minutes!
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  • NEW! Now available on CD!