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The Baby Names audiobook is a highly effective way of searching for and finding the right name. It offers you abundant choices in a format that will give you the most “bang” – not just for your buck but also for your time.

  • It contains approximately 2000 different names, which is comparable to reading a medium-sized book of names.
  • It takes much less time than reading a baby book or scrolling through pages of names. You can listen to all of it while driving to work and back, or while taking a relaxing walk in the park.
  • Most name books and websites are padded with numerous spelling variations of the same name. This can be both boring and slow to get through, especially if you have not yet narrowed down your choices to a few names. All the names in this audiobook are unique, and if you allow for spelling variations you will get access to the equivalent of 5000+ names (if it were a typical book) – all in a span of about 65 minutes!
  • Most name books and websites organize names by alphabet. This soon becomes boring and repetitive, especially with names that have similar syllables. And most of us don’t search for names by alphabet, do we? The names in this audiobook are only organized by gender. You will not simply be waiting for similar names to get through so that you can get to the next alphabet or syllable. It will allow you to be surprised by each new name and consider it with the care it deserves.

Have fun and get it done!

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Have fun and get it done!

The Baby Names audiobook is designed on the principle that name-searching should be fun, not frustrating. Its unique features will enable you to have a good time and maximize your chances of finding the right name.

  • It is more enjoyable than reading, which makes your experience more interesting – and more productive.
  • Because the audiobook is so flexible in its use, you can choose to listen to it during the exact times when you are most receptive.
  • It is both compact and comprehensive. You will find a wealth of names in this one audiobook, which can be a great way to get started on your name search, especially if you are daunted or underwhelmed by the prospect of ruffling through numerous books or scrolling through page upon webpage in order to find one great resource of names.
  • The Baby Names audiobook is also a great resource to round out your name search. If you’ve already searched through many different resources, use this audiobook as a final checkpoint before you making a decision. You can cover a lot of ground in a short period of time, and you may just discover a gem that you missed or never heard before!


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Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


Hearing brings a
new perspective!


The top 2000
modern baby names!


Save time, no
spelling duplicates!


Listen anywhere,
multi-task or relax!


The perfect name
will just pop!


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Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


Reading baby name books was so slow and boring! 'Listening' in the car on the drive to work was awesome! Thanks!
Michael Y (US)

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It's not just easier than reading.. It's a NEW, enjoyable & intuitive system to discover the perfect name! Stop 'looking' for it, you will know it when you 'hear' it!

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