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The Baby Names audiobook offers the perfect mix of popular, unusual and interesting names. It contains names from US, UK and Australia, and you will be hard pressed to find a popular English name that is not covered in this audiobook.

Are you worried that an 65-minute audiobook won’t have that many choices to offer?

  • The Baby Names audiobook contains over 95% of all modern babies’ names used in US, UK and Australia. This means that any baby born today in US, UK or Australia has a 95% chance of being given a name that is on this audiobook.
  • On this audiobook you will find all the popular names from the past 20 years.
  • To maximize your options and chances of finding the right name, the Baby Names audiobook contains over 2000 unique names. This means that you will not have to hear the same type of name over and over again, and that each choice you consider will be different and full of possibilities.

We are so confident of our compilation of names that if you don’t find your perfect name on this audiobook, we will refund your money times two! See our guarantee page for full details.

Just relax and let the perfect name come to you!

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Unique Names

Are you worried that an 65-minute audiobook which contains almost all popular names won’t have enough unique names?

  • Uniqueness is relative and depends on your location. A name that is unusual for you may be popular and common elsewhere. Since the audiobook contains names from the US, UK and Australia, you will find several names that may be highly unusual in your particular country yet hugely popular in other English speaking countries.
  • Think about some unique names you know. Are they celebrity kids’ names like Apple or Phinnaeus? Or, what is more likely, are they simply popular names spelled in an interesting and original ways?
  • To test our spelling theory, we took a three syllable name, Mikayla, and calculated how many different ways we could spell it. What we found: Mikayla can be spelled in 180 different ways without changing the way it sounds! How unique is that?

While most baby books and websites list this same name in up to 20 different ways, you will find it only once on the Baby Names audiobook. This allows us to bring you more choices in a concise format, and gives you complete flexibility about how to spell your baby’s name!

The Mikayla example is an illustration of what we mean by 'unique names', no fat!


Learn why the audiobook is so effective.

Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


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Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


Reading baby name books was so slow and boring! 'Listening' in the car on the drive to work was awesome! Thanks!
Michael Y (US)

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It's not just easier than reading.. It's a NEW, enjoyable & intuitive system to discover the perfect name! Stop 'looking' for it, you will know it when you 'hear' it!

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