The "Audio" Perspective..

Get a new "audio" perspective!

What is the first thing you do when you read a name you like?

You look up from your book (or screen) and say it out loud. Why? Because names are meant to be said, not read.

What do people say when they talk about their favorite names?

“I like the way it sounds!”
“I love the way it rolls off the tongue!”

What about your own favorite names? Are they names you read or heard? And if you read them, for instance in a book, did you say them out loud?

We thought so!

If you are searching for a name for your baby, chances are that you have already gone through several baby name websites or books.

But is reading the best way to look for a name?

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Imagine holding your baby in your arms for the first time. One of the first things you will say, and then say over and over again, is its name. And it’s not because your baby can’t read yet (!) – it’s to familiarize your baby with the sound that will identify him or her for the rest of his life.

Think about how many times your baby is going to hear this sound — the sound of his or her name. Think about how many times you alone will say it!

Without a doubt, your baby’s name will become one of the most often spoken and heard words in your family.

So it makes sense to approach the search for this special word from an “audio perspective”.

That is exactly what the Baby Names audiobook offers.

On the Baby Names Audiobook:

  • You will hear 2000 of the most popular names in US, UK and Australia today.
  • Each name is spoken in a clear and pleasant voice, and the pauses between each name give you enough time to make a quick note of it or say it out loud on your own.
  • The audiobook is divided into short 'song length' tracks and sorted by gender. You can pause, rewind and switch between different tracks easily.

Whether you’ve just started looking for the perfect baby name or are nearing the end of your search, the Baby Names audiobook gives you a fresh new perspective on thousands of popular names.

Baby names are like babies – they should be seen and heard!


Learn about the the wealth of choices contained in this audiobook.

Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


Hearing brings a
new perspective!


The top 2000
modern baby names!


Save time, no
spelling duplicates!


Listen anywhere,
multi-task or relax!


The perfect name
will just pop!


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Baby Names Audio - Baby Names Audio


Reading baby name books was so slow and boring! 'Listening' in the car on the drive to work was awesome! Thanks!
Michael Y (US)

To Summarize

It's not just easier than reading.. It's a NEW, enjoyable & intuitive system to discover the perfect name! Stop 'looking' for it, you will know it when you 'hear' it!

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